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She wanted everything: marriage and children, books and music, walks on a summer evening and the revolution.

Although she was registered at the university as a student in natural sciences, it was at the German socialist club—with its library, reading room and lecture hall—that she got her education.The irony is that it was precisely the compelling nature of this frustrating relationship that, over the next twenty-five years, would make her think hard, and yet harder, about what, exactly, this brave new world of theirs could be about.* * * When it came to politics, however, Rosa and Leo were at one.Everything in him is absorbed by a single, exclusive interest, a single thought, a single passion—the revolution.” Rosa was enraptured. They became lovers in 1891; but, from the start, theirs was a misalliance.From earliest youth, Rosa had looked upon radical politics as a means of living life fully.