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I mean, I kept a little notebook full of notes and clues like I was a real detective! 15 Internet Trends From The Early 2000′s That We Really Miss Follow Gurl!

I learned so much about history and geography from trying to capture this chick who was--let's be real--too fly to ever be caught properly.

A great chess-like fantasy game for the old C64, pitting the forces of Light against Darkness (or somesuch). Anyone who ever played the game will no doubt remember the music. It was just a puzzle / strategy game, there were different shaped and different colored pieces and it would tell you before you started where each piece had to go, so then you have only one open space and you have to slide the pieces around in this box until you get the right colored shapes where they're suppose to go.

The ultimate game for math haters and lovers alike.I think what really set this apart from other fashion CD-ROM games was that you could print out the clothes on this special felt-like paper.Of course, this was more trouble than it was worth so I'm sure most of us just settled with spending hours filling in skirts with ugly patterns.I wasn't the best at math, but this game genuinely made even my most dreaded subject super fun.Seriously, I kicked math's figurative ass in this game. Seriously, it wasn't even that exciting but I guess there is something that we can't help but love about artificially designing outfits.