Configuration options for updating os

on folders or subfolders can be used explicitly to set no scraper so that when excluding a path that contains no valid scrapable media info, can be easily achieved.

In combination with other options this maximizes the effectiveness of excluding a path from scans.

Sont notamment comprises les versions de System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager, dans la mesure où ces fonctionnalités ont seulement besoin du service Intune, sans aucune fonctionnalité supplémentaire dans Configuration Manager.

Si vous utilisez une version antérieure de Configuration Manager pour votre déploiement hybride, vous devez effectuer la mise à niveau vers la version de Configuration Manager (Current Branch) spécifiée dans la description de la fonctionnalité.

Setting the content back to (None) after previously having selected a scraper for a source, will prompt users if they want to remove the contents from the Library.

This is recommended if you wish to switch scrapers.

After the videos and NFO files are scanned into the library, the NFO file is no longer used and only serves as a backup.

If you make changes to the NFO file you will need to refresh that library entry for the changes to be loaded into Kodi.

Cet article fournit des informations sur les nouvelles fonctionnalités de gestion des appareils mobiles disponibles pour les déploiements hybrides avec System Center Configuration Manager et Microsoft Intune.In the configuration of the TVDB Addon if neither of the 2 tick boxes for DVD Order or Absolute Ordering are ticked then the order of episodes will be in Aired Order and this is the default listing order for the the TVDB addon.You can see these options on at the bottom of the page and when trying to match the order with how your files are named, you can confirm it with the page URL eg. tab=seasonall&id=71361&lid=7&order=absolute the other options in this case were DVD and aired.If you do this normally then Kodi will think that "Star Trek" is one single show, but if you set content on that specific folder, then it will scan everything in correctly.Avoid adding a subfolder as a separate source, as Kodi will might make duplicates if there are two sources that lead to the same files.