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(Of course, being Big Damn Heroes, they'll have to do so in the most overblown and dramatic way possible.) Sometimes, the person in the arranged marriage takes matters into their own hands and becomes a Runaway Fianc.The "aggrieved" party may claim Breach of Promise of Marriage in response, as arranged marriages tend to be viewed as legally binding commitments by those who initiate it. The character of the suitor is less likely to be important in those cases, but they generally won't look kindly on the outsider's interference.The way an Arranged Marriage is treated by the plot will be dependent on place and time.For most of human history, arranged marriages were the norm because "marriage" was less about the union of two souls and more about the union of two .Occasionally, it's the other way around, with a titled daughter and a moneyed son.Families may even pledge infant children in marriage pacts that cannot be concluded until many years later.I tied my saree to a side, in such a way that my navel area was exposed. I couldn’t hold on any longer and I had to break free. His hand was inside my saree palloo, right on top of my blouse, fingers almost catching my nipple. I acted as if I was shocked to see his hand there and I took it off away from me. Almost about to enter my panty area, no one knows how I feel when someone touches me in that area below my navel. I think everyone of us must have experienced an electric shock at some point of time in our life. He must be aware by now that I was awake and conscious of all his acts. He was rubbing my clit and was feeling my wet pussy. He was moving his finger in and out and sideways, almost all the possible directions. I didn’t even care about any protection at that time. I was sure it was a feast for him, but I continued. It was moving to and fro in such a way that it almost touched my breasts in that process. He was now sleeping very close to me, his breath was almost felt by me on my face. I closed my eyes but I was still thinking of his acts. His hand was trying to enter my saree hold above my panty area.

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For clarity's sake, the Arranged Marriage trope will deal only with more binding, traditional types of unions.

He used to star at my boobs, and my cleavage, especially when I bent down. Then he started gripping one of my breasts with his palm. I moved slightly and a let out a feeble moan but I continued to act as if I were amidst a deep sleep. He came into the kitchen slowly and hugged be from behind. I pleaded, saying that I had to prepare the breakfast. We were having a fucking marathon all those days when my hubby wasn’t around.

My saree goes slightly off the place, giving him a view of my cleavage and my melons. One day he asked me to help him in taking his bath; he said he wanted me to clean his back for him. He sat in his shorts; I entered the bathroom, I was wearing a cotton saree. I turned on the shower and though I took precautions not to get wet, I couldn’t, I got wet partially. Then he located my nipple and started to draw circles around it, along the aureole. He was desperate now so he started to remove my blouse. He ignored my requests and said I was enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Later on we continued to have sex during daytime and whenever and wherever we got a chance.

While serving him food, I stand near him and bend whenever I need to put food in his plate, he would never miss a chance to look at my hidden treasures, but he always does that in a clever way as if he is Mr. Then came a time when my husband had to go out of station on some training purpose. For my father-in-law this felt like what a hungry, starving voyager lost in a desert would feel when he finds an Oasis. I was applying shampoo to him, standing in front of him. My saree got wet and my blouse was clearly visible along with the contents inside it. He was feeling my stomach, its softness and started to press it gently. That act was miraculous, sending shivers throughout my body. We acted normally as if nothing happened until night, when he had to sleep in my room. He went on lower and started to remove my palloo aside and was kissing my boobs over my blouse. He ripped it apart soon, made short work on my bra and there were the mangoes he had been dying for so long. I was encouraging him with my hands pushing his head into my breasts. He was inserting his tongue into it and was fucking me with his tongue. He would feel me up at times, sometimes we have oral sex, and we continue to have a good sexual relationship.

He could trace the shape of my breasts, size and the location of the nipples. I thought it was accidental and it happened in sleep. He took a nipple between his thumb and index finger and started pressing it gently at first, later a little harder than earlier. Then his nose was touching the bare skin on my back which is in the blouse cut area in the back just below my neck. His hands now come down feeling me all the way, actually they moved a lot down now. I had to instinctively move my groin backwards, digging my ass much deeper into his groin. I was almost giggling now with shivers passing through my body. He inserted a finger into my pussy which was fully wet by now. Though we both were aware of each others position it was done with me staying there numb as if I was asleep. At about mid night he started doing the same things again. Now as its night time, we could not see each others faces, for that matter nothing was visible. He felt them fully naked and started rubbing his face into them madly. He began to kiss me all over my body, my face, we tried the French kiss, he began to kiss my tummy, my navel, went even lower too. I was thumping my hips and banging them up and down on the bed. I was dreaming of this for years and finally this happened. He was groaning and obliged my request, took his nude unprotected dick and shoved it hard into my pussy.