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Apart from the four found there, two were excavated in Tres Zapotes and a further ten at San Lorenzo in Vera Cruz, one of which, the largest known, is nine feet, four inches high, and is estimated to weigh around 40 tons " (Jordan 1992).Wiercinski measured the skulls for 48 morphological traits, but focused on the traits he considered best for discriminating between the "three great races of man" (Van Rossum 2004).The significance of this map is sometimes overshadowed by the various myths and claims surrounding it.Regardless of the debatable claim that the map shows the outline of the Antarctic continent, there are certain demonstrable facts which make this map potentially one of America's most valuable historical relics. 1513), is a fragment of a larger composite map of the world, with its epicentre in Egypt.The huge proportions of the heads demonstrates that they were influential people, and their association with the Olmec culture at around (1,200-600 B.C.) places them long before the Maya, Inca or Columbus's arrival in America.The remains were dated to the Pre-Classic Period According to these sources, 400 ships from the Mali Empire discovered a land across the ocean to the West after being swept off course by ocean currents.Only one ship returned, and the captain reported the discovery of a western current to Prince Abubakari II; the off-course Mali fleet of 400 ships is said to have conducted both trade and warfare with the peoples of the western lands.

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The first rumours of large stone-heads in Tres Zapotes came from as early as 1858, but it was in 1938 that Dr.

In 1896, in Cyprus, and subsequently in many Mediterranean excavations, corresponding 'Bronze Age' copper objects, recognised now as ingots used in international currency, have been found.

The American examples suggest an international trading system existed.

It is claimed that Abubakari II abdicated his throne and set off to explore these western lands. In 1854, at the National Emigration Convention of Coloured People, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a statement was issued to the African inhabitants of the United States of America regarding the necessity for leaving the USA as the only alternative left for them.

In 1324, the Mali king Mansa Musa is said to have told the Arabic historian, Al-Umari that "his predecessors had launched two expeditions from West Africa to discover the limits of the Atlantic Ocean." Genetics: According to the findings of a Dr. Within that statement was the following observation:'And among the earliest and most numerous class, who have found their way to the new world, were those of the African race.