Dating type of relationship processing time

For example, an employee might move to a different sales region, but a city will not move to a different state.

If a relationship is defined as rigid, attribute aggregations are not recalculated every time the dimension is incrementally processed.

Resources are grouped by type at the top level of this document.

Individual resources are keyed by ID within these typed collections.

For example, you might create a new attribute that provides the sort logic for a related attribute.

Although JSON API does not specify the format of date and time fields, it is recommended that servers align with ISO 8601.

In the tasks in this topic, you will define a new attribute in the Date dimension based on an existing column in the underlying dimension table.

You will use this new attribute to sort calendar month members chronologically instead of alphabetically.

By defining a relationship between the attributes, you can use the second attribute to sort the members of the first attribute.

Attribute relationships define the relationships or dependencies between attributes.