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With that in mind, here are a few alternative ideas for dates on the outside world.An egg salad sandwich may not have the sexiest of sandwich names -- it's right up there with turkey melt -- but what it lacks in sexuality it makes up for in deliciousness and protein.Usually when I have to choose between makeup or food, I’m probably going to choose food (for the most part). There’s actually one pretty close to the center of Austin, Blue Starlite, that makes for a great date.Still, whenever I go, I can’t help but think how the drive-in experience has changed–mostly for the better–since the inception of the concept in the mid-20th century.Every spring, SXSW blesses our little city with movies, music and copious amounts of traffic. Many Austinites flee, and that's understandable. Nothing can quite ease that twinge of pain when you see your favorite food truck swarmed by people from not-here. With so much stuff to do, it's easy to lose track of time and miss some seriously cool events.But if you're looking to take staycation with a special someone, SXSW has you covered. Research event times, make a schedule and look at it periodically so nobody gets mad at you for missing the Wes Anderson movie.

Your professors are likely encouraging you to review the course materials in preparation for the final.

The best word to describe my first three weeks in Spain would be descubriendo, discovering.

As cliche as it sounds, I’ve never been to Spain before and I’ve been trying to soak up as much about the country and culture as quick as possible. S., nor my first time studying abroad, so I feel like I should know some of what to expect.

But every once in a while, I need a little negative reinforcement to remind me of what matters out there in the big, wide dating world and beyond. Alright, I know I didn't mention zoos in my post about awesome outdoor dates. Some of us, though, are also wimps when it comes to hot weather. With Easy Bake Oven weather on the horizon and the blustery winter finally peacing out, early April is the sole month when I can successfully pretend to be outdoorsy.

However, that's because I think the zoo deserves a post all to itself. For those of you not hip to central Texas zoo culture, here's a quick primer: the Austin metroplex has two zoos. It's unlike any other zoo I've been to (pretty much the polar opposite of the one in Forth Worth), and I love it. They’re perfect for any amount of people you’re cooking for, and if you’re missing the perfect amount of an ingredient or two, you can easily make do with what you have. My eyes won't water from the wind, nor will my forehead water from gross humidity.