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This applies to calls from any type of UK line, including mobiles, landlines and payphones.

However many providers allow you to hang up and re-dial before you reach that point in order to avoid being charged, since they then see it as two separate calls. goes directly to the Wonderful Organisation each month.

For UK callers, calls outside their bundled minutes allowance will be charged by their provider (not by WHYPAY? If you feel your organisation would benefit from enhanced features such as screen sharing, web chat and much more, why not start a free 30-day trial today? Like other fundraising websites, Wonderful allows individuals to create fundraising pages - but with one significant difference.

Other "free" conference services (free in the sense that they don't also charge to host the conference call) are operated on special rate 084 numbers.

These are generally excluded from bundled minutes and often charged at a much higher rate.