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At 5'5" tall and a trim 140 pounds, he could be called pretty rather than handsome. His lips always had a reddish tint to them from the times he wore lipstick.Benjamin was in stark contrast to his stepfather who stood at 6'2" and weighed a fit 190 pounds.He was wearing a tee shirt and nylon shorts as he liked going commando when he could.The TV was on and he was listening to a sports channel more than watching it.Grant was in great shape and worked out to stay that way.It was almost AM when Benjamin finally emerged from his bedroom that Saturday morning.Grant continued his gentle groping of the super fine bottom and then he opened the other two buttons.The drop seat fell open and the teen's lovely ass was exposed.

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Gwen had a son from her first marriage who was living with them. He was very effeminate and had a lovely slender body with a super fine ass.For the next several minutes, Grant fingered his stepson's anus while Benjamin sucked on the large thick cock. Grant was well endowed with his cock being a smidge over 7" whereas Benjamin was about 4" hard.Grant's cock was also thick compared to Benjamin's slender shaft.Grant moved in close and placed his cock head at the rubbery ring.He pressed forward and the ring opened up and swallowed the soft mushroom head.