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Want advice, opinions, and recommendations that haven’t necessarily been edited?Then consider using Google Groups, which provides access (posting and reading) to thousands of discussion forums — an enormous storehouse of discourse, including The Internet connects people from all over the world.

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A judge ruled that the OFCCP should not engage in a "willy-nilly search anywhere and everywhere for practices that might be causing a disparity in the compensation data." Eileen Naughton, Google's VP of people operations, wrote in a blog post after the decision that Google would "comply with the remainder of the order" once the decision becomes final.Google Groups also tracks recent postings on Usenet and non-Usenet groups.Finally, Google allows you to post messages to these forums by signing up for a free account.Click on the more » link above, then choose Groups or visit access this comprehensive archive of human conversation, dating back to 1981.Note: Particularly in the latter part of the 1980s, there are some significant gaps in the archive.