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Unlike its heavy metal cousins, Ag is surprisingly non-toxic to humans and animals, and has a long history of successful medical and public health use dating back 6000 years! D., “A Case of Puerperal Septicaemia Successfully Treated with Intravenous Injections of Collosol Argentum”, Lancet, Feb.

Silver has been used to speed wound healing, treat infections, purify water and preserve beverages. Thompson has noted that, "The germicidal properties of silver, although not recognized as such, have been utilized since the times of the ancient Mediterranean and Asiatic cultures, references being made to the use of silver vessels to prevent spoilage of beverages, and silver foil or plates in the surgical treatment of wounds and broken bones.

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In 1939, Hill and Pillsbury listed 94 different proprietary Silver preparations in use up to that time. However, with the development of the antibiotic era, Ag rapidly fell into disuse and the medical "memory hole." It was replaced first by sulfa drugs, then penicillin (post WWII), and since then by hundreds of specialized antibiotics. Under the onslaught of antibiotic warfare, the second half of the 20th century witnessed the seeming eradication, or at least control, of most of mankind's ancient plague scourges. Searle, Albert B., Constable & Company LTD, “The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease” London, 1919. Bechhold, H., (1919), Colloids in biology and medicine, translated by J. Silver (Ag) is atomic element number 47, with an atomic weight of 108. is one of the so-called "heavy metals," along with lead, mercury, cadmium and gold.