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"The duo only met this past Monday but already "can't keep their hands off one another"—when you know, you just know, amirite?!

Apparently, it was Lythgoe who did all the pursuing, as our insider shared that "He tweeted her and she didn't believe it.

Mr Schrank said a “cannabis detox” can be helpful for those with severe addictions because unlike with harder drugs, there is no known lethal dose.

Nikparvarfard and Widerman are two of about 100 doctors whom the Pennsylvania Department of Health has approved to write recommendations for medical cannabis.Cannabis is a Class B drug in the UK, but the cannabidiol CBD, which does not create the ‘high’ associated with recreational use, has been reclassified as a medicine by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).This means doctors can, in exceptional cases, prescribe medicines containing CBD to be manufactured or imported for a patient’s use.She said, 'If you are the real Nigel Lythgoe send me your number.' He did, and now they are dating. "Shuman was so taken by her date last night that she took to Instagram to post a snapshot of the new couple walking the red carpet together and even called Lythgoe "so sexy." Get a room, you two!As for Lythgoe's arm candy, Shuman claims that she was once Michael Jackson's personal optician but now deems herself the "Martha Stewart of Marijuana" after claiming medical cannabis cured her from a life-threatening cancer diagnosis.