Nick marshall dating sophie tweed simmons

Brigitte Kingsley, Nick Baillie and Robert Kingston will executive produce with Cymek.

Stryker and Defiant Empire will distribute the film.

Celebrity offspring Sophie Tweed-Simmons spent seven years growing up in front of the cameras on reality TV’s Gene Simmons Family Jewels, so it stands to reason that at 21 she’d get her own TV series. Sophie and her mom, model Shannon Tweed, will be the focus of the new show from Vancouver producers Force Four Entertainment.

The daughter of the fire-breathing KISS bassist starts filming in December, in Vancouver, Whistler, L. Eight half-hour episodes will air on Canada’s W Network starting next spring.“Family Jewels was great, I’m not knocking it in any way,” Tweed-Simmons said over the phone from L. “But it was me as a kid and now I’ve grown up, I’ve moved out.

Nick was born in London, Ontario to Debra Marshall and her husband, he has a sister Nathalie Marshall Nick graduated in 2004 from Saunders Secondary High School in London, Ontario, and has been pretty much involved in snowboarding ever since, well actually Nick has been hitting the slopes since 1997. She finished her college education with a major in Religious Studies from Pitzer-Pomona in Claremont, California.We’ve always said it must be really hard for the kids of universal celebrities to live in their parent’s shadow, and Sophie Simmons, the daughter of KISS frontman Gene Simmons wants to break out of her dad’s spotlight.Did I mention Nick Marshall is a phenomenal snowboard coach?He has been for over 5 years, has coached at Icarus Shreducation and Pro Ride You can find Nick at his website here and Twitter here.