Outlook tracking tab not updating

End users aren’t necessarily going to have permissions to access the Diagnostics wizard so the first approach I mentioned is still valid for all scenarios.If you or your users have become frustrated because Outlook is not working the way you want it, don’t worry.Feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with us!I can say that I would often copy the contents of that field and paste them into Notepad to view it in a larger format.

Another thing you may like to do is Delete the temporary client files from a previous error checking session before you begin.

This is especially useful when you get generic Microsoft error messages stating something to the effect of “An error has occurred.

Please contact your system administrator.” For all later versions of Dynamics CRM (including versions 2013 & 2015), you will find a Diagnostics program installed with your Outlook.

Trying to digest the rest of the trace log can be a lengthy process!

In the example above, you can see I was able to isolate an issue at pm on my laptop where the Add-in became disabled because my Outlook crashed.