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We’re analyzing a larger sample size, so outlier months don’t skew the results as much.

In previous updates, I’ve calculated my hourly rate as anywhere between to per hour.

[By “everyone,” I’m referring to friends who don’t know jack squat about investing]. Sure, the nightly sticker price for an Airbnb rental is higher — , like vacancies, utilities and supplies. ” Guess what, naysayers: Here’s an example of one side gig that grosses more than my former salary, while occupying only a few hours per month. *Note: In the previous article, I accidentally labeled “electric” as “gas” and vice versa.

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Here’s the surprising bit: I assumed most of those guests would disappear after getting that response. ) All that aside, here’s why their question fails: “I notice your unit is vacant this upcoming weekend.

One of these is a “triplex,” which is like a duplex, but with three units instead of two.

(You can also conceptualize it as an apartment building with only 3 units.) I live in one of these units and rent out the others.

Because hosting falls into the “hospitality” industry, you’re competing on great customer service — which means you learn these skills quickly.

For example: Technically, Airbnb says that the host should provide enough consumables to get started for a week, and long-term guests should replenish supplies.