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Touré, reviewing the album in Rolling Stone, described her as having "an oven–roasted voice, smooth flows and a thuggish attitude for days." The album ranged from drinking and partying anthems to a fantasy about taking revenge on a friend's abusive boyfriend ("Love Is Blind") to her father's absence and her youthful attraction to older men: "Didn't have a daddy/So I put a daddy in his space," she rapped on "Heaven Only Knows." Mostly produced by Ruff Ryder member Swizz Beatz, the debut album featured the Ryders' tough, fast signature sound.After Swing Mob folded and Jordan signed with Bad Boy, he continued a working relationship with Swing's younger brother and fellow Jodeci member Dalvin De Grate, producing and singing on De Grate's solo debut album, Met.Hayward was the first of two All-Stars the Celtics acquired over the summer after signing Irving in a trade deal with the Cavs.Gordon, based on their actual courtship (Zoe Kazan portrays her onscreen, and Holly Hunter and Ray Romano play her parents).After suffering the painful fracture, NBA stars across the league tweeted their support to Hayward.His arrival on the team has reunited him with his former Butler coach Brad Stevens.However, eight months later, Aftermath dropped her, and she returned to Philadelphia, although a song she recorded for the label did end up on the Bulworth soundtrack in 1998.

If I [had] failed that, I don't know where I'd be now." Instead, she impressed the Ruff Ryders, and they took her in as their only female member.His ankle turned into an odd angle causing many in the crowd to stand in shock for a moment as he motioned for help.Players on both the Celtics and Cavs were visibly disturbed by the nature of his horrific injury as well as the members of the audience.claim a successful middle ground between hip–hop women who have embraced feminism and neo–soul and those who trade on a tough image and sex appeal.Her success has reached beyond music: she has shot several films and stars in a television comedy named after her.