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– Pauline Cerda I am well known among my friends as a prankster and my latest exploit involved your webcam hacking software, Skype Webcam Hacker.

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Awhile back, I got suspicious when my wife started spending allot of time in front of her computer screen and started going out with her friends (or so she claimed) allot more than she usually did in the past.

After “passing” that stage, I was asked to do what I believe is called a “video interview,” where I have to record myself answering pre-set questions using Hire Vue.

Ugh, I feel your pain — I wouldn’t want to do that either.

You can’t really dictate the terms of an interview, though.

I installed Skype Webcam Hacker on my work computer and hacked into my own Skype webcam (I left skype open in the laptop) and started monitoring my living room.

I saw my mom cleaning, watching some TV and then I saw her get up to open the front door and 2 young black men, which I later recognized – they lived down the street, entered inside and after some chit chatting started inapropiately touching my mom which she appeared to be enjoying.