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With a market share of 30 percent, Bank of Cyprus has long been the market leader in Cypriot financial chicanery: There are also disturbing reports of several recent high-profile money laundering cases in Cyprus.

The Bank of Cyprus is just one of more than 100 direct and indirect investments that Ross listed on his U. Office of Government Ethics financial disclosure form last month.And, as noted, the Bank of Cyprus was the market leader, as the island’s largest single financial institution, which for a time also had branches in Moscow, the Ukraine, Greece, and Rumania.Of course Russian flight capital might have landed in many places.Ultimately this created a lucrative opportunity for Ross, his investment group, and the wealthy Russian investors in the Bank. At the time it nearly failed in March 2013, it was the largest financial institution in Cyprus, a tiny island country that is strategically located in the eastern Mediterranean and is one of the EU’s newest members.According to money laundering experts, the Bank of Cyprus also has a long history of being up to its ears in Russian flight capital.