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Two weeks before he was writing ‘I love you’ in the condensation of the kitchen window and and then in one fell swoop, the wedding off, and he refused to explain, speak with or see her and cut her and all of their mutual friends out his life. She could accept that he didn’t want to get married but she just couldn’t fathom how he could cut her out so cruelly and offer no explanation.Around their wedding date, he forced himself to call…to tell her that he was seeing someone else, and that was only because he’d been seen all over town.became so controversial in the Muslim community that a fatwa death sentence was issued against Rushdie by Iran's Ayatollah.The premiere set up a season-long theme when TV Larry David, who had written a Broadway play based on Rushdie's life, had his own fatwa issued against him after an impression of the Ayatollah during a appearance went very wrong.The first scene we were doing was when Larry finds him in his study and gets this pep talk. We were like, “He speaks so much better than we do.” Did he have any hesitations about the possible real-life consequences of resurfacing his own fatwa in the pop culture news cycle?That was the question for us on the day: How much is he going to be willing to talk about his experience and make fun of it?He is like the version of himself that he was playing: He’s not going to live in fear. Larry was telling Salman when we were shooting, "Look, you can’t say anything about this, we want to keep it a secret so no one knows until the show airs.” I said, “Larry, I think he’s probably pretty good at keeping secrets.” I didn’t even know he was going on Seth Meyers.

Then the next question was, how game was he going to be with all the things we wanted him to do?

The amount of time that Larry was going to spend in that disguise was always limited.

() When writing it, we had that same thought Larry had on the show: "Well, there’s only one person on the planet that could really help him, and that’s Salman Rushdie." Then, you had to approach him.

When guest stars come onto the show, they are thrown into the way of improv.

What was it like for someone with little to no acting background to find his footing with Larry David? How it “wraps around her like sexy pixie dust” — that’s 100 percent Salman Rushdie. He can write, he can act; he’s the real triple threat.