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If you put in the time and effort you can find young extremely attractive chicks that will fuck you (or even live with you) for very little, which saves you the time and effort of lying to them about their long term prospects. The quality of the girls is generally as good or better than any of the Centro places.

My advise would be buy a membership here so people can PM you and set up some meets with some ISG members, meet somewhere for dinner and then cab to the Centro clubs together if you don't want to do the high priced Fase Dos / Isla scene.

Our staff will setup everything you need to get started.

When I first went to Medellin about 6 or 7 years ago I used a guy named William. But I think in the last couple years he has been doing good just doing regular tourist stuff. Since he always seems busy I don't even tell him when I go to Medellin anymore. Eh, I see a lot of silicone, implants, and collagen injections in those photos. So many never experience with model colombian beauty, like esperanza gomez. The nice about Luna Lunera is they have that courtyard you can taxi right in to and out of late at night, keeps you off the streets.

Search Spaerotic Poblado on Facebook for their page. I've been told that Lindas Chicas has girls available 24 hours, not sure about on premise hours.

I don't know of anything else outside of strip clubs for late night on premise options.

You can register online, using the link below, or over the telephone.

They are a safer day time pursuit then night though. I feel more "worried" walking around el centro Medellin than el centro Caracas.

Medellin has FAR more thuggy gangmember looking characters than Caracas.

If you live in Medellin and put yourself out there as a serious prospect. Someone that is interested in a serious long term relationship that might lead to marriage, a house and some kids.

If that doesn't sound like something you are interested in. There is a lot of gray area between non-pros and pros in Medellin. Buying drinks or lady drinks is optional and so are lap dances or anything other than taking a girl to a room for the price mentioned. I can't tell you how much and it doesn't matter if you bring your own.