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Much like sharing a sense of humour or enjoying the same foods, there is a intimacy there that is a precursor of other things. It is the most pure of legal, mood altering narcotics I know.I don't suppose it is a deal breaker but it is a truth I have not yet been able to ignore. Off the dance floor, the dance is called, and is, the Game.Not so hard to do when you go from partner to partner in the course of a milonga anyway.You know, if a man I cared for was into tango and I was not - frankly, I would be unnerved too.To give up tango in service to having a relationship outside it is like hacking off your soul to make it fit shoes that almost fit.So, if your new romance is not in tango and does not want to learn, you learn, instead, to compartmentalize, or hone that ability.The unspoken fact is, you are in the embrace of someone else, laminated against them, bound by the contract of the melody and rhythm of the music, and for those 3 minutes at least, you are at once being faithful to tango but unfaithful to someone else (lover or previous tango partner).

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In its most achingly perfect moments, tango offers a moody intimacy that leaves you breathless for more. Then say yes to tango and chances are you will also fall in love with life. Anyone can learn the words And the melody's so plain This is my song to bring you back again I'll teach you how to sing and dance With a song and dance routine And when the party's over You can fall in love with me Would you like to learn to tango? Teach you how before we're done Anyone can make it two Any two can turn to one And the melody's lost before the song's begun They twitch and fidget the minute you mention you do tango. No one ‘does’ tango of course; it is not like ceramics or Pilates. It is soul reaching and altering and yet somewhat ill advisedly but understandably, it is the first thing you share when you dating.”I do tango’ . But more often than not they will say, ‘I have two left feet’ or is that like Arthur Murray or in the movies?