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With laid-back melodies springing from finger-picked acoustic guitar, plaintive pedal-steel guitar, Wurlitzer, Hammond organ, and strings, Prettyman’s second album “Hello” explores the singer/songwriter’s love of country-blues and folk from the ‘60s and ’70s, artists like The Band, Joni Mitchell, and Bob Dylan.

This California surfer-girl has come along way since teaching herself to play her dad’s guitar at age 15 — she has toured with the likes of Ray La Montagne, G.

The second session resulted in the no-holds-barred “I Was Gonna Marry You.” “It was like, ‘Wow, I’m getting really transparent here and being really specific,’” Prettyman recalls.

“But once I walked through the door of honesty there was no telling where I was going.

After taking a photo together, Prettyman suggested they take “a weird-face picture” in attempt to bring the kids out of their shells. Great with fans, a musical genius and the smartest dresser at the fest.

Thousands flock to the event each year to take in the sights and sounds during one especially optimistic September weekend.

In the middle of the artist hospitality area, there is a white tent beneath which sits a simple leather couch and an easy chair. In the middle of the tent stands Ray La Montagne, looking like a extra.

Following an interview and interactive audience Q&A, all the musicians I observed hung around to meet fans.

Tristan Prettyman (autographed program) – Once a surfer and model (and Jason Mraz fiancée), Prettyman is a talented singer-songwriter from San Diego.