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And since you still have to win Mayumi over, this is the best solution. Shell have a voucher so you can eat for free, but the offer just might affect her reaction in the end.When she asks if you think she should be all prim and proper, say you dont think so.Well, some people were working on one, but noone ever actually made a complete walkthrough for True Love yet.I decided since someone would create one eventually, it might as well be me. This is the most complete walkthrough I could think of: Ill be telling you exactly which activities you should plan for every day and the answers to every question you are asked in the game.

Today is a swimming contest in which youll participate, so the schedule doesnt apply for today.Sure, some stuff happens during these days (like exams), but there are no important choices to be made and no places to go, so just slack off these days by taking a break at every opportunity.At the end of July 5, you should be visited by the God of Pleasure, who will be very pleased to see you havent been doing jack all these days.Katawa Shoujo is a free-to-download dating sim visual novel from Four Leaf Studios.It stands out a bit from other entries in the genre in that the girls in the game all have a disability of some sort.