Updating address for voter registration

If the voter elects to wait to the day of the election to update this information and the voter’s permanent voter registration record differs from the voter’s current address, the voter must complete an affidavit before being allowed to vote.

The voter will be required to vote either at their new polling location or at a central location designated by the county election commission office.

You may be asked to show identification which shows your name and current address.

If you moved within the county, you may also report a change of address on election day at the polling place for the address where you live.

The request must be signed and received no later than five (5) days before the election in order to process the change.

If the voter has not updated their address and the voting period has begun, we encourage the voter to vote during the early voting period.

This must be done before the registration books close for the next election.

See Registration Deadlines for additional information on close of registration books.