Validating multiple Chat masturbation

Save money and simplify certificate management with a Wildcard Certificate from!The purhase of our wildcard SSL was super quick, and we had it within the hour.To use this function all you need is a and a field to check.The previous two steps we gathered some information about the current field. If the field is not on the current page OR if the field is hidden, we don’t want to run our VIN validation function on it.Next, we create an $is_valid variable and assign it the result of our VIN validation function.We pass is_vin() our field value and it returns a true/false value indicating whether the submitted value is a valid VIN number.We could change this to check by field ID or any other field property, but I’ve found that the CSS class is a user friendly way of quickly adding custom validation functionality to most fields.Basing this check on field ID would have the drawback of requiring a code change if you ever needed to remove the field and apply the custom validation to a different field.

I had a number of questions and concerns regarding a bit of a unique setup.

When you submit a page on a multi-page form, Gravity Forms will populate some additional info in the $_POST global (read more here if you’re unfamiliar with the $_POST).

One of those helpful bits of information is the source page number (aka the current page you are validating).

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